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PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL design has often been an all encompassing task involving all aspects of the process to be completed single handed; estimating & quoting, project managing & coordination, procurement, consenting etc...

From initial pitch to full implementation and hand over, these smaller scale projects are often the most intricate and multifaceted, demanding high competency across multiple disciplines.

I have had the opportunity of working in sole charge on a number of private residential projects as well as team collaborations where hands-on niche skills such as mirror ageing, site specific artwork and special paint finish techniques have often been an integral part of the process.


HOSPITALITY projects are the perfect platform for creative collaboration, utilising the skills of many different team members across different sectors.

I have had the pleasure of working on a number of hospitality projects, both in New Zealand and overseas, helping to shape unique spatial identities that tell the story of each brand  whilst providing the end user with the comfort and functionality they need and expect.

Each project  with its own creative challenges has taught me that a solution driven approach and a can-do attitude is the key ingredient to success in this highly demanding sector. 

MULTI-RESIDENTIAL projects such as luxury apartments, aged care and senior's living developments involve multiple stake holders and many independent parties contributing to the design process.

Strong leadership and the ability to work in a team under pressure have been valuable skills enabling me to achieve successful results.

The more complex relationship structures of these larger scale projects have provided me with opportunities to focus on developing in depth skills in more specific areas such as: 

Concept development & presentations, team leadership & design management, as well as artwork curating and FF&E procurement.

I enjoy working with clients to interpret their brief and form it into a visual narrative that unfolds through the habitable space  

WORKPLACE design is often underestimated and although this is not my main field of expertise, I have really enjoyed seeing the results of my work in this sector, as it made me realise the huge impact a well considered workplace design can have on people's lives.

My design approach aims to enhance well being and create an inspiring space the end user will look forward to  spending long periods of time in each day whilst enabling the required productivity.

The projects I have completed to date as sole charge designer and as team leader have had a fast paced turn around and often stringent brand rules and budget guidelines promoting resourcefulness and creative thinking and putting organisational and multi-tasking skills to best use . 

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